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    • 急 ! 請問指南針及時鐘的英文?

      指南針 zhi nan zhen ㄓˇ ㄋㄢˊ ㄓㄣ a compass; a magnetic needle a guide; a guiding principle compass 羅盤,指南針[C] magnetic needle...

    • 為何磁羅盤裡的磁針要短要強呢? Why does magne

      ...羅盤裡的磁針要短要強呢? Why should the magnet in a compass be short and strong? 應該是以下皆是. (a) Increase...b) Decrease deviation. 強磁性也比較不容易被local magnetic field(所在地的磁場)影響. (c) Keep horizontal level...

    • 急需英文高手~ 指南針說明書翻譯 15點~

      ...mapso that the magnetic North line on the map becomes parallel to the magnetic needleand the N-S lines in the compass capsule.把指南針放置在地圖上並調整地圖的方向,使地圖上的地磁正北線和指南針...