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  1. main verb

    • IPA[mān vərb]


    • n.
      the verb in a main clause.;the head of a verb phrase, for example eat in might have been going to eat it.
    • noun: main verb, plural noun: main verbs

  2. 知識+

    • 關於英文better副詞的用法問題。?

      ...against the wrongful use of small cameras. The main verb of the sentence "become" is a linking...quot;become" as "protect" is not the main verb) Therefore, "better" cannot...

    • 英文動詞後面要接什麼?

      ... fall into two main types: main verbs (also full verbs) auxiliaries (also.... Here is a example of auxiliary verbs. For more details, check out the web...

    • 這個英文文法如何使用

      ...盤子句意就完整。 一個句子中的主要動詞,包括不及物動詞和及物動詞,都是 main verb。 可是有一種動詞,他不像「打破」,要有東西來當它的受詞,但是也不像...