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  1. majority leader


    • n.
      the head of the majority party in a legislative body, especially the US Senate or House of Representatives.
    • noun: majority leader, plural noun: majority leaders

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      1. meanwhile 有也在同時的意思。可以當作:In the mean time 或 at the same time while 當名詞時,代表一段時間;當 conjunction 用時,有代表在那一段時間裡如:go have fun while I take care of the kid... 也有雖然的意思,如: while respected, he is not liked (類似 althoug...

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      Senate floor 參議院議堂發言講台 (區) Sen. McConnell delivered a speech on the Senate floor ... = Sen. McConnell delivered a Senate floor speech... = Sen. McConnell delivered...

    • 英文翻譯(十萬火急)

      ...prosperity to the rural and urban poor. 操縱迅速经济增長的6.leaders對一個更加能承受的水平和焦點在做對農村和都市贫穷... of economic reform and the country's poor majority is a key issue for the ruling party. 從三十...