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  1. make love to
    • 1. 做愛; 性交

      He refused to make love before they were married. 他拒決在婚前發生性行為。
    • 2. 【舊】(向某人)表示愛情; (尤指)獻殷勤

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    Making love out nothing at all(讓愛一切成空) I know just how to whisper... I don't know how you do it 我不明白你是怎麼做到的 Making love out of nothing at all 讓愛一切成空 Out of nothing at all...

    How to make love

    ... second question, by the way the grammar's incorrect, " why should we make love." Well, does is sound controversial? I mean, this ...


    making love ( we made love) have sex ( she had sex yesterday ) mating ( they... ) doing it 常用 ( they were doing it/ you wanna do it? ) making it ( they were making it last night ) having it away ( hear the...

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