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  1. make out

    • ph.
      了解; 辨認;寫出; 填寫
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    • ph.
    • 1. 了解; 辨認

      I can't make out his handwriting. 我看不懂他寫的是什麼。

      I could just make out a figure in the darkness. 我隱約看見黑暗中有個人影。

    • 2. 寫出; 填寫

      make out a cheque for £10 開出一張10英鎊的支票

      Applications must be made out in triplicate. 申請書必須填寫一式三份。

    • 3. 理解; 領會

      I cannot make out what he meant. 我不明白他是什麼意思。


    了解; 辨認


    「了解; 辨認」的反義字

    • ph. 了解(某人的性格)

    • What a strange person she is! I can't make her out at all. 她這個人真怪!我根本無法了解她。

    • ph. 理解某事物

    • I can't make out what she wants. 我不明白她想要什麼。

      How do you make that out? (i.e. How did you reach that conclusion?) 你怎麼得出那個結論的?

    • ph. 聲稱; 斷言; 堅持

    • He made out that he had been robbed. 他聲稱他遭到搶劫。

      She's not as rich as people make out 她並不像人們所說的那樣富有。用法:片語中的 that 子句亦可替換成 to be, 意義不變。

    • ph. 因...而挑起對抗

    • Do you want to make something out of it? 你想為這事大吵一場嗎?

    • ph. 用…製造,理解,瞭解

    • ph. 利用

    • The Opposition parties made (political) capital out of the disagreements within the Cabinet. 反對黨利用內閣的分昇而撈取(政治)資本。

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    • ph.
    • I could hardly make out anything in the thick fog. 在濃霧中我幾乎什麼也看不見。
    • vt.
    • to make out that ... 聲稱…

      he makes himself out to be richer than he really is 他誇口說自己很有錢,其實沒那麼富

    • vi.
    • how are you making out? 你過得怎樣?

      to make out with sb. 與某人相處

    • ph.
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