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    make sth known

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    • 幾個關於時式的英文問題.

      ...for three hours this afternoon. 彼得下午一直睡,睡了三個小時。 2. to make sth known就是將某事情公開, 用法就是sth用虛主詞 it,後面接that,把要公開的事情方...

    • make sth out of nothing at all

      ...個女的表白, 前面講了很多 I know...I know.... He does know a lot, but it is nothing till he gives it to the girl. ... But I am never gonna make it without you, do you really wanna see me crawl? And I'm never...

    • 幾個與do與make有關的片語常搞混 negative sentence with what:-eg:- ---I don't know what I could do with all the good food that's left over. ---What could you do with my umbrella ? (3)make (sth) of sth=eg:- Its important to try and make sth of...