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      1 it is very hot in a desert .(XeXXXt) it is full of sand whick makes the air dry 2the world is becoming warmer because of the greenhouse (XXeXnXXXXe) effect. 3 the people we use...

    • 小三英文~ravenous和famished的用法及差別?

      ... used in a passive voice (被動語態). It means "be made or become very hungry". For example: After a full day of skiing, I was feeling absolutely famished...

    • 英文文法 頻率副詞

      1.Jeff is making a career transition from being a teacher to becoming a salesman. 我想問的是 to 後面不是只...succeed in college often dont apply to a typical full-time office job.請問為甚麼頻率副詞會在...