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    • 這裡place的意思

      正確。 place a phone call 是打電話。 不過 和 make a phone call 有點細微差異。 I want to make a phone call. (跟旁邊的人說) I want to place a phone call. (跟接線生說)

    • 請問place a call 是什麼意思?

      In order to place a call outside the office, you have to dial nine first. 要撥電話出這個辦公室, 請先撥9 這裡的place 等同於 make, 是"發出"的意思

    • 英文文法更正

      ... from junior high school, my family and I went to a historic place (which was) called 糯米橋 to celebrate during the summer vacation. We saw many classic ...