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    make a big deal out of

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    • 請問deal out有口語的翻譯嗎?

      ...一號答題者的回答也是錯誤的。 To make a big deal out of something在英語中是固定用法,意思類似中文...原文標題如下: Barack Obama makes a big deal out of being black, but he was raised...

    • 請問六人行 the truth about London裡的

      ...的時期6.I'm man of the cloth = 我是衣裝畢挺的男人 are making way too big a deal out of this = 你太小題大作了MADE OUT = KISS = 親親 = 舌吻

    • 蘋果日報的每日美語

      ...s not a big deal. 這沒什麼大不了 例:Make a big deal out of nothing. 3、 It goes without...decorate A with B 以B裝飾A 4、be sorted out 被處理好 5、get....sorted out 將...