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    make out a case for

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    • ph.
      提出對某事有利的論據 The report makes out a strong case for increased spending on hospitals. 這份報告提出了對增加醫療開支的有力論據。
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    • make a case是什麼意思

      因為少了上半文的部份...所以幫你check了類似可能的用法... make a case for something: explain why something should be done...過的問題orz||| 參考資料:

    • 請問英翻中的句子make our case with

      請你去跟John說明我們為什麼要這麼做,這樣我頭痛的事兒會少一樁。 (John目前的立場、應該是反對或不看好) make a case for something - to explain why something should be done (

    • A question about matters of UK

      ... in Edinburgh. Cameron speaks of the need to make a ‘positive casefor the two nations to stay together. 2009-02-04 21:30:06 補充: Leftwing...