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  1. make a clean break

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    • 1. 完全改變以前的生活方式 He's made a clean break with the past. 他完全改變了過去的生活方式。
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    • 寫作(英檢初級)

      ...強到弱排列 : make - have - let Since you are in the kitchen , please make me a sandwich. ( a sandwich / are / in the kitchen / me / please make ) 這題考的...

    • 我的英文作文很爛 所以想麻煩專家幫我批改一下 謝謝

      ...broke down some damages (break down 指”車子拋錨”,”一點點... back, then there was a cool war occurred between... basin in order to make it cleaner(to 即可代表片語”in order to...

    • 幫我看文法哪裡需要修正的~3/23前

      ...always drink coffee and take a break over there. Many shop is always clean and tidy. There ...the front door, there is a big refrigerator full of inside place where a girl making cakes. I think...