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    make a comment

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    • 請幫我修改這一句英文,請幫我修改這一句英文~~

      ...的評語是:這一定是不實的廣告,因為沒有男人會這樣選的! Someone made a comment on the Internet that this must be an untruthful advertisement, because no men...

    • 英文形容詞的問題。

      ...he himself once was a lousy worker? Or he is just simply make a comment that those others were not any better? 2011-06-26 00:59:55...

    • 英文介係詞後可加句子麼

      ...本義是在XXX上面, 適用於「在某事方面; 就某事」, 例: Can you make a comment on xxx? 您可否就xxx給個意見? 不知您有什麼邏輯疑惑? 2013-10-25 03:53:17...