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    make a confession

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    • 請幫忙中翻英以下的一段話

      ...time do you go to work? Let me tell you something, someone has made a confession to me, saying that he likes me. However, ...

    • Confessions Of A Broken Heart

      lindsay寫給他爸爸的歌... Lindsay Lohan琳賽蘿涵,親生父親剛登上美國社會版頭條、最近剛被逮捕入獄.. 對琳賽來說,心中永遠的痛來自於家庭: 在她小時候父母就常失和吵架,父親更因酗酒易怒的問題數度闖禍進監獄, lindsay琳賽決定將對父親的埋怨和關愛的渴望真實...

    • 請幫我將下列句子翻成英文

      ... doesn't have anything to prove he was absent from the scene so he made a confession about his crime. The police declared the case is over.