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  1. make a false move

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    • 1. 作出(可能帶來不良後果的)不明智(或不允許)的行為 You're a dead man if you make one false move, snarled the robber. 那強盜厲聲叫道: “不許動, 不然就打死你。”
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      ... was a senior high student. That makes me worried and nervous about the reslut, but... health examination report came out it just a false alarm. Even though, I thought...

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      False display of affection can’t take it seriously. ...not from the bottom of your heart how to make her heart visibly moved. In love with her since your... time to touch her maybe we can have a chance to fall in love with each other. ^^"僅供...

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      在二手貨市場中的市場效率 因為大多數裝船運送 過濾器規則: Fama 和 Blume(1966) 解釋標準的過濾器規則當做 追從: ’每分過濾器 x 依下列各項被定義: 如果每日收盤價一 在至少每分 x 上面的特別安全移動,買而且支撐安全 直到它的價格至少移動下來來自一個後來的...