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    make a fool of oneself

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    • 出盡洋相的英文怎麼說?

      .../insulted/tricked 這樣才是「出盡洋相」. 光是說make a fool of oneself, 只是捉弄自己, 沒有表達出「盡」的意思. 2010-04-01 11:36:16 補充: ass是常見於...

    • 請問有關於take與make的片語

      ... a fool of her younger brother. 珍老是作弄她弟弟。 make a fool of oneself 出醜 He made a fool of himself. 他出了個大洋相。 make a...

    • 請求更正文法(急)

      ...and this semester my math make great strides. -->..., my grades of math improved a lot in this semester. Although... as I can. First grade time, I ...