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    • make a promise到底加to V還是of Ving

      ...發生(即稍晚的時間才會發生),或有目的性質(即有指向性)。 Jack made a promise of bring me a gift. of bring me a gift是介系詞片語(介系詞of + 動名詞片語bring me a...

    • 翻譯文章一小段

      ... with the L Foundation and make a difference in peoples’ lives...we can accomplish great things and give the gift that truly matters—the gift of compassion and caring. 譯:我們自己一向...

    • 請幫我解答這幾題英文問題

      Making below the answer in brief only 1Talk about a few social guidelines of gift givingin Taiwan... a free time making a trip to Hsinchuarea...36:05 補充: the level of local people’s knowledge...