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  1. make a joke about

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    • 關於X情人影評

      ... human, human became angels. Maybe God made a joke about it. I think the last scene was so touching, and he needed...

    • Joke and Kid...

      ...開到自己身上了; 被戲弄的反而是自己 idiom 慣用語crack/make a joke (=say something funny) 開玩笑tell a joke (=tell a short a joke on sb (=trick them) 戲弄某人dirty joke (=about sex) 猥褻的笑話sick joke (=about something unpleasant) 令人...

    • 麻煩英文強的幫我檢查一下哪邊的文法有弄錯

      ...and also relax the mood while talking with friends. We always make jokes about each other and laugh together . Sometimes we take a walk at school. And that really helps a lot for me to forget...