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    make a match of it

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    • MATCH是什麼意思?

      ...很匹配. 8. 【事】 姻緣;婚姻;婚姻對象,配偶 《例句》 make a match 做媒 make a match of it 結婚 She made a good match. 她找到了好對象. She will make...

    • 請問有關於take與make的片語

      ...making a joke. 她愛開玩笑。 make a match 結婚 They decided to make a match of it. 他們決定結婚。 make a mess of 把...弄糟 He made a mess of ...

    • 幫我修改英文文法

      ...give the viewers a fresh ground; hence it is also part of nature colour...brown into green, this made the whole space ...white colour will match with every colour...