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    make a meal of

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    • ph.
      【口】對某事做得太過分 She always makes such a meal of it -- I could do it in half the time! 她總是過於認真--要讓我做, 一半時間就夠了!
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      Making a meal out of an hors d'oeuvre 做一頓膳食在開胃小菜外面...

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      ...炒香,加入調味料煮至汁液收乾即可。(Mix chicken wings with 1 tsp of comflour. Fry until 80%done. Stir fry shallot until fragrant. ...

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      大大你好: 針對你的問題: This restaurant makes delicious chicken rice , so ____ always full of people at meal time A it is B they are C there is D there...