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    make a pile

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    • 請問有關於take與make的片語

      ...dinner and now feels very sick. 那孩子在晚餐時吃得太多,現在感到很不舒服 make a pile 發財 He has already made his pile. 他已經發財了...

    • make a dent?

      make a dent 是有進展之意 此處應該是"瞭解" Most people can't make a dent in such a pile, so they either read at random or discard much of it in frustration. 大多數的人無法理解這一堆東西(資訊內容) 所以不是跳著讀, 就是很沮喪的放棄了

    • 英作~~~~~~~~~~給個範例 15

      ... sap from a tree. With the chicken waste, the kids would make a compost pile that would be added to the soil to enrich it. Using the organic soil the...