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    make a pitch for

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    • 請問這句英文句子內的意思-來自BBC NEWS

      pitch 是飛機前俯後仰,前後翻滾的動作。左右軸線不動。 roll 是飛機左滾翻、右滾翻的旋轉動作。前後軸線不動。 yaw 是飛機東西南北改變方向的旋轉動作。上下軸線不動。 翻譯就省了。^_^ 2009-02-16 12:05:10 補充: 你去查看飛行力學,都有寫。

    • 問~~投手 ”球路” 的英文單字...

      ... said. "If you could teach everyone what you need to make a ball that heavy, then everybody would do it. That's such a valuable pitch, and he throws an absolute bowling ball." ~ 紐約時報 ~ ...

    • 甚麼是story pitch

      ... of them work to a daily deadline and are on the receiving end of multiple story pitches each day. Break out of the...about your news item or company, make sure your story pitch ...