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    • 大學題目-需要詳解

      ...傳說;傳奇故事;傳奇文學 (D) myths /神話 8. 答案: A (A) defense /防禦,保衛,防護 (B) offense /冒犯;觸怒 (C) pretense /藉口,託詞 (D) intense /強烈的,劇烈的;極度的 *defense mechanism / 防衛機制...

    • 急~~新聞英文句子~~對我有點難~~請各位幫幫忙

      ... come and go, the allegations that a member of India’s Parliament has served for eight years under false pretenses was met with shock from officials...

    • 請問「自己想自己對」的英文怎麼說呢

      ...righteous remarks 例句: A self-righteous person ...than others because of their religious ...自命不凡的裝模作樣 : 1. full of pretense or pretension. 2. ...of dignity or importance. 3. making an exaggerated outward...