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    make a rise in life

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    • 好玩的英文諺語~

      ...多少實力. Haste doesn’t bring success.猶豫不會帶來成功. You will make a sudden rise in life.你將一炮而紅. Grasp opportunity to creat the future.抓緊機會, 創造未來...

    • 幫忙英翻中YOU AND WE 我和你在這個花園裡 we could make a miracle come to life 在一起我們能時先奇績 if the...部了整個宇宙 this dream full of hope in every soul 每個生命在這個夢裡都...ready for tomorrow 所以準備好迎接明天 rise and fly 升起和飛翔

    • 這篇文張可以幫我做修改讓它變得更通順或是更好嗎?

      ... move around more quickly in a big city's traffic jams...price has been rising fast recently. Finally... for people's life. We should make more use of them to have...