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    • search是什麼?

      ...searched everyone present at the scene of crime. 警察搜查了在犯罪現場的每一個人。 He searched every room in the house. 他搜查了...][U][(+for)] They made a long search for the lost child. 他們...

    • 滿急的片語造句~贈20點

      ...建核能在家園裡) in search of 尋找 he is in search of his Wallet.(他在找他的錢包) at the...幾百人在地震裡喪生了) well-intentioned 善意的 she made a well-intentioned rumour to cheer him up...

    • 請問汽、機車的『排氣量』英文是?

      1. 可以用engine displacement, 例句A: Take a look at the early model of Mazda Premacy 1.8L 133hp and Honda Stream...