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    make a vacancy

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    • 請問~飯店櫃台人員的英文??? ~20點~

      vacancy - do you have any vacancy? available - do you have a room available? reservation - i would like to make a reservation smoking, non-smoking room - i want a non-smoking...

    • 有關高職一年級的英文寒假作業?

      ... locked out. 也許可以解釋成 我毫無頭緒 C. I want to make a complaint 也許可以解釋成 情況糟到讓我想抱怨 我覺得有比較有可能是A...

    • 中翻英 及 等等問題

      ...reservation都可用嗎?這兩者差別是?) I'd make a reservation for three people at nine p.m. next Monday...window seats available? A:Are there any vacancy window seats?(不代表您是錯的,僅代表我的翻譯...