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    make adjustment

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    • 請問這幾題高中克漏字!!

      ...當主詞,加單數動詞 2.strive+to V. 3.make adjustments是固定用法 4.這題填comprehend(理解)我認為吼~~你那本的答案應該給錯了 因為adjustment所搭配的動詞是make---"做調整"之意 第四題---(C...

    • 英文高手-英文信

      need more details before I can make adjustments. 2005-07-10 23:27:15 補充: Why ...hope this is what you want.  I have made a lot changes because it was really...

    • 麻煩英翻中please verify with

      ... of Credit on your behalf, and confirm - if we have to make any adjustment, we will proceed, based on your instructions 請跟你的...