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    • 原文語言-meet 和 meet with 的差別為何?

      ...with Mr. Higgins, you must first make an appointment with his secretary. 既然要事先透過秘書做...’ll never guess who I met yesterday – my exit boy friend. (和前男友巧遇)c. see Sb for the ...

    • 關於力霸的英語新聞2

      ...10 suspects to the list of those (subject to an exit ban處以限制出境處分), bringing the list of...many affiliated firms of the group, making it impossible for them to receive monthly ...

    • 請幫我翻譯一段有關經濟的英文

      ...經濟利潤誘使項。 684049的損失誘導退出。 *進入和擴建增加供給,降低價格和profit.Exit和植物收縮減少供應,提高價格和利潤。 *在長期均衡,經濟利潤是zero....