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    make an impression

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    • 請各位幫忙解釋speed dating..等翻譯,用法?

      ...迷戀He took a fancy to the girl next door.他迷戀上了鄰家的女孩子。make an impression: 留下一個印象(+on)]The new teacher made a good impression on the ...

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      ...weed you out of a candidate pool. Your resume may be the only chance you get to make an impression, so make it a good one.

    • 英文翻譯 英翻中 救救我

      ... Sapphire is one of the most famous in the collection and makes quite an impression. 亞洲藍寶石, 這令人印像深刻的寶石是其中最出名一件 Many people...