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    make an inference

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    • reasoning與inference??

      ...] -rr- FORMAL to form an opinion or guess that something is...that she wanted to leave. inference noun [C or U] ... about something in order to make a decision: The reasoning...

    • 請教英文客漏字選擇題~

      ... step of the analysis is based on the use of an inference rule to conduce this step of the proof.--every step of the analysis is...

    • 語言學的reference和inference的不同

      ...想要一台跑車啦~",這從"想"到"講"的過程,就是reference inference: the listener's use of additional knowledge to make sense of what is not explicit in an utterance 在語意不清楚的情況下,聽者以他的經驗,知識去推敲,換句話說,我想到...