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    • anger, get angry

      If something angers you, it makes you feel angry. The decision to allow more offshore oil to anger somebody = to make somebody angry 這個動詞常以被動態使用 2015-02-03 12:31:21...

    • adj.何時放在後面作後位修飾

      She made me 「angry」. She painted herself 「thick」. ...apinted the house 「green」.===the house is green We make our father 「happy」. ===our father is happy...

    • You make me feel so angry.文法?

      ...回答 版主的句子是正確的! 如果硬要改,可能用過去式會比較合適! You made me feel so angry. 希望有幫助 2011-06-24 22:52:49 補充: You make me feel so angry...