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    make as if

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    • 請大家幫忙把以下的句子排好~

      請大家幫忙把以下的句子排好! 1.employoee as if make she guests were The anxious to...07-11 18:01:55 補充: to all the guests makes happy as if . 2011-07-12 06:47:28 補充: 大師 你好 . 寫法...

    • make me feel like 意思

      You make me feel like a queen = You make me feel as if I were a queen (1) “make”在這裡被稱為是“使役動詞”,所以翻成...

    • 請幫我找make和take的片語!!~~急!!20點~~~

      Makemake as if to裝著要(做)He made as it to speak. 他裝著要講話。make believe假裝 make...年輕。 論証;証明He's not such a good doctor as some people make out. 他不是某些人所說的那樣好的醫生。make over...