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    • LAW Question

      ...thing(s) to the promisor (or designated 3rd parties). This makes sense in certain situations, where if I promised to give you $100, the promise is not valid unless you give me/someone something...

    • 幫我翻翻ㄈ翻ㄈ翻翻翻譯

      ... to purchase an item, if you promises, check with the appropriate people before you make the commitment.假如回答錯誤,回答內容將... and conclusions to be certain they are valid. 你可以複檢你所...

    • hold him to that要怎麼解釋比較好?

      版主您好, Hold [someone] to [something] 的意思是 Make [someone] keep a promise [to do something]. 中文的意思就是:要求 [某人] 履行所承諾的 [事] 。 舉例...