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    • 急!!麻煩幫我想一篇英文短篇文章..禮拜二前要

      Fast Food【速食有害健康】 Fast food makes you fat, or so common wisdom tells 1-2 times per week. Kids who make fast food a regular part of their diet consume...

    • 請教一個名詞子句問題?

      ... protesters criticized the company for only trying to make a fast buck and not caring about the environment. 抗議群眾批評該公司只顧著輕鬆賺錢...

    • 請幫我修改文法錯誤

      ...butter which has salt and vegetable oil. This kind of food are made fast and takes less time to cook it. (不了你指的是那類食物, 甜的, 不甜的...