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  1. make fun of


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    • 1. 取笑

      They made fun of his funny voice. 他們拿他的怪嗓音取笑。

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    • Instead of...

      ...寫法。 Don't be mean to your little brother, you should protect instead of make fun of him. 這是說話的人嘴裡用的是 instead of,心裡想的 and not。 instead...

    • 請幫我翻譯此英文句子

      It was mean of Jasper to make fun of you in such an unkind way. make fun of : 捉弄; 取笑 in such an unkind way: 用這樣...

    • 請問到底該用”of”還是”for”......

      1. It's mean of you to make fun of her. 你去嘲弄她是很卑鄙的! 2.通常我們會用[ It's +形容詞+ of...