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  1. make heavy weather of sth.

    • ph.
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    • ph. 對某事小題大做,把某事搞得復雜化

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    • ph.

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    • 英文小短篇 - 請幫我看有沒有寫錯~ *20點* described a heavy rain). The rain pours from sky and always makes people dripping wet...像在硬坳). The weather expression originated... the past, when a lot of rainwater was(a lot...

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      1.Because of the heavy rain, Mr. Johnson... famous singer's wonderful voice made a deep __ on the audience. (A...的日常飲食. 4.The tropical weather in Taiwan makes it...

    • What's the weather like during

      Most of the typhoon will bring out the heavy rain and strong wind which makes everything inconvience and drangerous.