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  1. make it a habit to

    • v.
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    • 1. 使……成為習慣 You must make it a habit to exercise daily, otherwise your condition will get worse. 你必須讓每天運動成為習慣,不然你的情況會變更糟。
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    • make a promise到底加to V還是of Ving

      ...讀者可能看不出所指的是什麼習慣,所以本句不如寫成: Neil has made it a habit to keep regular hours.這樣會讓不定詞片語成為動詞的受詞(delayed object...

    • 幫我完成一些英文句子!!

      1. Mr. Smith makes it a habit to jog every morning. 2. I want to make sure possible, and it's necessary. 8. Please keep it a secret that he's gonna resign.

    • 英文文法  這個句子怎麼寫??

      I make it a habit to write a letter every day. (也可用make it a rule to) I am in the habit of writing a letter every day.