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    make it up

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    • To make it up

      To make it up 是 彌補 的意思 因為上次他遲到了 所以要想個辦法彌補他上次的過失 不知這是不是你所要問的 make up for 也是一個常用的片語 譬如: To make up for being late last time, I will take you out to dinner.

    • 請幫我找make和take的片語!!~~急!!20點~~~ make up for lost time. 他們加速進行以補回失去的時間。make up to奉承;獻媚 make it up to sb.報答;回報 (= make it up to sb. for sth.)make out of... 与 make of ...的意思...

    • 請問rind it out英文片語的意思~?

      1. take you time → 活在當下 2. make it up 言和 → to shake hand and make it up 握手言和 3. rind v. 剝去…的皮 → rind it out 剝皮