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    • Busting Loose from The Money

      ..., it also implies "you are held (約束) in the money making cycle". Therefore, "busting loose from the money game" means "you try hard to break away from the hold of...

    • sexy lady歌詞翻譯(英翻中)

      ...事實上 With the lights down low with the beat thats slow imma make you loose control 跟著燈光的明暗一起放低 跟著心跳緩慢 我想讓你失去控制 Let...

    • 片段英文翻譯CNN STUDENT NEWS.

      ...反倒促成我玩起 (goose up) 雙關語 1.) indoosed : 和 boost,loosed 押韻,是帶濃厚土腔的 induced。 (ph) phonetics...非正確拼法。 2.) goose up : to take steps to make something appear more attractive 2014-12-14 00:25:24 補充...