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    make a neat job of it

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    • 英文作文文法的衣些問題

      ...會很雜,重點也會模糊掉 2009-10-12 02:48:29 補充: Most important could make my room neat and tidy. →Most important of all, bookshelves could make my...

    • straighten和arrange的不同

      ...plan or organize something in advance 安排;籌備 to put something in a particular order; to make something neat or attractive 整理;排列;佈置 to write or change a piece of music so that it ...

    • 英文單字 clean 和 clear 的差別? remove dirt or other unwanted parts or pieces from (something), or to make (something) neat and orderly 特別強調 移除髒的東西!或者是不需要的部份來某東西或著某地方...