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    make no reference to

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    • REFERENCE 和 GUIDANCE 應如何區分使用

      ... made to me. 提到了我;所指的是我。 •You make no reference to your plan in your letter. 你信裏沒有提到你的計劃。 •...

    • 有關傲慢與偏見的英文翻譯><

      ...bring little money with you into our marriage, and promise you that I shall make no ungenerous reference to this after we are married.我不在意這個事實只要你結婚多帶點錢...

    • 航空英文翻譯的問題 誰來救救我

      意翻為主,直翻為輔 For example, if reference is made to a “standsrd altitude “of 5km, it means geometric..., after the present chapter we will have no reason to deal anymore with geopotential altitude. 例如...