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  1. make obeisance to sb.

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    • 1. 表示尊從或屈服於某人

      He made obeisance to the king. 他向國王表示臣服。



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    • 授與動詞的make 介係詞是for還是to

      ...但是在某些片語下只能用to,在某些片語下只能用for。 ex: They made obeisance to the king. 他們對國王表示服從。(不能用for) ex: we made way for the old...

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      ...tale story academic society realized its in-depth implication, does obeisance teacher to bestow.這段我又不知道你的意思...麻煩你中文的意思... 有些文法的錯誤我已...

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