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    • IGCSE? SAT?

      ... who want to attend the universities in USA.Which one is more difficult?I'd guess IGCSE is more difficult than...

    • 關於這段文章 我要翻譯 誰會

      ...know is whenever someone rings me up to invite me to one, I always try to make up some excuses for not going. 就我來說 ,不管何時有人打電話邀請我 ,我總是試著找理由不去參加 It's...

    • 麻煩幫忙以下對話中文翻譯成英文,謝謝

      ...看這件洋裝,請問這件洋裝是什麼材質(quality)呢? Excuse me, I would like to take a look at this dress? could you tell me what it's made of? B:這件洋裝是羊毛製成的(made...