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  1. make one's name

    • ph.
      成名; 出名
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    • 1. 成名; 出名 She first made her name as an actress. 她最初是以當演員而成名的。


    成名; 出名

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    • 有幾個idioms, 請大家幫忙解釋

      ...留下記號 the beaten path 有不走大路或走自己的路的意思 4.put one's name on the line 把自己的名譽賭上 5.bring to one's feet 把這人從低迷...

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      ...job title of one who trades in scarlet cloth or makes clothes from scarletcloth; the word 'scarlet'...a surname, but became popular asa girl’s name from the heroine Scarlett O'Hara...

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