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    make one's obedience

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    • 英文自傳....請幫忙修改 life based on father's opinions and which formed my character of obedience, but I made up a decision (make up 沒有”決定”的意思)on my own when I face to the an important career...

    • 好急好急!! 請英文高手幫我看看我的英文作文

      ...參考 (方括弧部分) An ideal mate is important in one's life. Marrying to a [可考慮用 the] perfect man ...introduce him to my family and friends, he can make a good impress to them. Second, personality...

    • A person I admire作文(中翻英)

      ... grandpa is a really good designer, almost all the designs made by the company were made by my grandpa. Grandpa enjoys golfing a lot and has always been...