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    • 請問”空出時間”的英文怎麼講?

      ...the occassion. 3.Yes, I will take time out for the appointment. make oneself available:抽出空檔/appointment:約會/be available for:可以參與/take time out:抽出時間

    • making the route...怎麼翻

      (1) 民航局要求,航空公司必須至少在一個月前提出航道變更需求。 (2) 一場突如其來的暴風雪帶來了超過半呎深的積雪,導致高速公路濕滑難行,數以打計的車輛失控撞毀,並有近20人受傷。 參考參考囉

    • 英文選擇題..none , no one

      ... not the best choice (of course, if there is no "No one" available, you can choose it). It is better to write "none of them" to make it clear. From the context of the sentence, you can sense that it is about...