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    • 我無法用中文翻譯這句話

      make clear是片語,「清楚說明」之意。 此句之意是: 但首先我要說明,我很感謝大部分台灣人對我的諒解(或,能理解我的行為)。

    • 請幫我翻譯 不要翻譯軟體的唷!!急用 謝謝

      ... the book prove very clear, can make reader clear direction that oneself lectures. As is though he states and understands the main point that the person who says...

    • 中翻英 英文報告急用 希望大大幫我忙

      ...身體檢查, suggested that you first go to the big hospital to make the health examination, 才能明確的了解自己的身體狀況。 can be clear understanding own physical condition. 因為你是長達五...