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  1. make out


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    • 釋義


    • 1. 辨別出 I could hardly make out anything in the thick fog. 在濃霧中我幾乎什麼也看不見。
    • 2. 填寫;寫出 The teacher has made out a list of reference books. 教師已開出了一份參考書單。
    • 3. 理解 We can't make out what he is saying. 我們不懂他在說什麼。
  2. 知識+

    • make out 和figure out的不同???

      ... or decipher, as in Can you figure out this puzzle? [Early 1800s] make out(前戲或做愛): Engage in sexual foreplay or intercourse, as in Bill and...

    • 英文問題loss miss ..make out of...

      ...題外話:不少首歌都有out of   ~ All out of love . ~ Making Love Out Of Nothing At All. ~ She is...

    • make out 是接吻的意思嗎 ??

      make out 是指 發生性關係 或親密關係 接吻 愛撫 口交 或 性交 但是make out 並不一定要有口交 或 性交 單純的接吻 愛撫也可以說是在make out