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    make possible

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    • 請問這二句英文是用形容詞還是副詞??

      ...片語 = 使 something 成為可能/不可能 有時 [something] 很長,名詞片語,放到後面 = make possible [something] The Chinese New Year made possible...

    • 一些英文文法題目請益 walk home after the mover. ③ The invention of the battery in 1800 made possible the first major advances in the theories of electric current and...

    • 請問幾題托福的文法題

      ...possible "the a" .. ? 怎會有兩個冠詞 ? 句子只是把possible的位置移動了一下, make possible something = make something possible. 所以B.是正確答案. 2. B. 漏了which...