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    • 請教大家文章翻譯,很急,如何翻譯比較好.

      ...easily black and the 2007-01-14 08:30:20 補充: design for owning the specially made pure silver of the American patent to combine creations to emerge personal...

    • 請問be made of 和 be made from

      ...看不到原來材料的外貎,就應用from。如He was wearing a suit made from pure silk. The house was made of wood with an iron roof. The...

    • 請問pure pak是什麼??

      ...point, some genius invented the milk carton, known under the brand name Pure-Pak. This was a big leap. It's lightweight and sanitary. The cheap materials make it disposable (these days, recyclable) 重量輕又衛生,便宜的材質讓這種包裝...