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    • 英文翻譯 有關全球暖化

      ...restrain the growth of emissions rather than making actual cuts. 假使他們許下任何承諾... are likely to be expressed in terms of a reduction in emissions growth of a certain percentage...

    • 【英文習題】4題,請翻譯及解釋。高手請進~ ^^

      ...emergency是臨時發生的緊急事件,用在這「語意」有誤;in need of 中的need是名詞,要表達「緊急」需找一個...】It would be impossible for us to make any further reduction. 【說明】英文裡的possible與impossible大多數時候要用it...

    • 看不懂英文文獻的內容

      ... been that knowing they were at risk of type 2 diabetes in the future would encourage women to make lifestyle changes to reduce this risk. There is no data to suggest...